How we do it:

We offer different cleaning options to best suit your budget and what you are looking to accomplish. A one set “cookie-cutter” service cannot work for every application. Every job is different. By offering your multiple options, you get to make an informed choice that suits you best.

Once the surface has been prepared and is dry, we then seal and stain the wood at the same time with two coats of synthetic oil stain mixed with our own proprietary sealer. This powerful non-toxic combination gives the wood extra protection while also restricting splintering of the wood and inhibiting future algae growth. 

Simply because we know what we are doing and are great at it. Choosing the right company for your outdoor project needs is simple, it comes down to four things - being Quality, Service, Expertise and Price. If you are looking for a company that has been recognized internationally for their quality of service, have over 30 years of combined experience in the field, are fully insured professionals who take pride in their work by using exclusive specialized products and latest technology to give you a longer lasting wood refinishing service – then Dr. DecknFence is the company for your project! If you are looking for a lawn mowing, carpet laying, exterior painting, water blasting company then sorry that’s not us. We specialize in what we do!

*Some services are not offered at every location. Contact your local Dr. Deck n Fence for more information.

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